Former Demapagumi.inc member and actress Moga Mogami revealed in a TBS variety show that she’s bisexual.

The show titled Yume Nara Samenaide focuses on female guests who talk about various aspects of love. In the show, Mogami revealed that she had realized she had feelings for other girls around the age of 10 and had a pseudo relationship with another unnamed female entertainer. Said entertainer is aware of her preferences, and Mogami made sure to be somewhat cautious at first so there wouldn’t be any awkward situations.

But while drinking together, the two would regularly hug and even kiss, which can be seen as pretty standard for friends who are drinking, but there are times it gets more “heated”. At the time, this entertainer had a boyfriend, and even though she considered companionship with Mogami, she ultimately ended up getting married to someone else. This lead to a panel discussing the question “Are you honest with your relationships?”

Mogami is best known to most tokusatsu fans as Ultraman Ginga S‘ Mana/Android One Zero and currently stars in the TBS drama Koi Suru Hong Kong.


[Source: Arama Japan]