What happens when one of the smartest, wealthiest superheroes in Marvel Comics steps up to the plate to test his might against a hero who routinely takes down giant monsters like it’s going out of style? Well, the latest from Kamen Ramen Studios seeks to address that question, sending the Wolf Ranger from Power Rangers Jungle Fury into the territory of the legendary Black Panther. Check the vid below to find out who’s the toughest beast warrior in town, and if they’ll need laser-knees to claim ultimate victory!

For years, Kamen Ramen Studios has been providing the fandom with fun martial arts, action, and costumed fantasy showcases. This recent short serving as one of several Power Rangers-related videos in their arsenal. Their Pink Ranger short is a personal favorite.

This time, in honor of the recent badass trailer for the new Black Panther film from Marvel Studios, they decided to swap out one Ranger for a comic book powerhouse, and have a little crossover fun. Are you watching, Capcom? Make this a thing!

And, of course, the brief demo ends before a true winner can be decided. But it sparks the imagination about what is possible from sheer enthusiasm boiling over from fans. Ten years ago, how likely would most people have thought it was for Marvel to create an entire cinematic universe of interconnected movies, and that they’d be of relative good quality? Or that we’d now be eagerly anticipating the cataclysmic confrontation between monster movie godfathers King Kong and Godzilla?

It’s probably not the likeliest thing that a franchise such as Power Rangers would crossover with other movie titans in the superhero and kaiju genres (licensing alone sounds like a nightmare to work out). But that’s why we have folks like Kamen Ramen, and the many other fan groups corkscrew-kicking out of the woodwork. To explore ideas that might otherwise only live in the dark dungeons of our own imaginations, locked away until someone with the right title decides to make it happen. Or not.

Who knows what would really happen if the Marvel Universe clashed with the Power Rangers Universe? Perhaps the only way to find the answer is to provide one ourselves.


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