Let your geek flag fly with these Power Rangers themed t-shirts. From the pop culture alchemists of RIPT Apparel, these pieces make the perfect gift to yourself or to that special Ranger fan in your life this holiday season. For years, RIPT has made it their business to find every angle for the enthusiastic nerd to express their fandom and capitalize on that passion, lovingly mixing and matching various bits of fan culture. Here’s a sample of their work with the spandex-clad heroes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Keen eyes may quickly notice a few shoutouts to other titles in the greater sci-fi and fantasy community in these works. Most notably references to Godzilla, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones, to name a few.

If you’re wondering where the rest of the Ranger franchise is, from Power Rangers Zeo to Power Rangers RPM and beyond, you’re not alone. They get a heck of a lot of mileage out of the Green Ranger, don’t they? Not that it’s a shock. Despite the fact that there have been 2039830 Green Rangers over the show’s many years of success, I don’t even need to refer to a particular season for the average person to immediately assume I’m talking about that one.

But for those whose fan blood runs green, or red, or is just generally in need of an injection of the morphenomenal variety, these pieces may be just the thing to scratch that hard-to-reach nostalgic itch.

This and more is available now at RIPT.


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