Here’s what’s happening on the next episodes of Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger and Kamen Rider Build.

Space 40: Opening! The Death-Ball of Hell!

The Kyurangers have successfully acquired 3 of the 4 necessary items required to break through the barrier protecting pLanet Southern Cross, Jark Matter’s homeworld. As they headed to the Cassiopeia System to reclaim the last item, the Kyurangers receive a declaration of war from the Karo of the system! “From now on, I will challenge you all to the trials of Jark Matter’s baseball game, Death-Ball!” The Kyurangers are extremely confused, but if they have no other choice. The Kyurangers form a leaguee of their own to deal with the baseball threat! However, Spada seems to be following behind Lucky, as he does not follow the rules told to him by Shou Ronpou and Raptor regarding baseball… Now, the fight for the universe set in this game, is about to begin!

Build Episode 13: Who Removed The Veil?

Senate’s expression suddenly changes after hearing the name that Nabeshima told him on the phone. Nabeshima tells him of a mastermind who would kill anyone for a million dollars. Sento locks himself in his basement without letting anyone know of his identity. Meanwhile, Ryuga confronts BloodStark who stole the Pandora Box. If you find the Pandora Box, you hold a significant advantage over Hokuto and Seito. As for the several questions concerning his placement of the Pandora Box, Stark lets them in on a surprise…