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Swooping in for another pass, Garo: Red Requiem is here to provide more monster-hunting action to the new year, with this movie adventure from the Garo television franchise. Sentai Filmworks has been taking names with these domestic Blu-ray releases, as it seems western fans can’t get enough of Kouga and his crew of demon-slaying allies among the fabled Makai Knights. It was only October when we reported on their last home media title, Garo – Kiba: The Dark Knight.

Kraken Releasings’ official synopsis sets the stage for their latest:

In the ancient war against the monstrous creatures known as Horrors, many Makai Priestesses have fought and died in battle, yet no woman has ever been chosen to wear the mystic armor of the Makai Knights. Kouga, the current bearer of the gold wolf armor Garo, doesn’t believe it’s even possible, but when his quest to destroy the Horror Karma thrusts him into conflict alongside the fiery Priestess Rekka, he’s forced to acknowledge that the female is often the deadlier of the species! Because Rekka has a personal score to settle with Karma, and she’s determined to destroy that Horror herself! It will be all Kouga and his Mado Ring Zaruba can do to keep the three of them alive long enough to do it in the GARO universe’s first spectacular feature film – GARO: RED REQUIEM!

Available for a $12.99 pre-order, Garo: Red Requiem drops April 10, 2018.


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