“You touched my burritos?”

This and many other important questions demand to be answered in the ninth episode of Power Rangers HyperForce. Since the premiere of the tabletop RPG series based upon the long-running Power Rangers television franchise, its time-tossed heroes have trekked across the multiverse meeting many famous faces along the way. Previously, Erin Cahill (Power Rangers Time Force), Karan Ashley (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Mike Ginn (Power Rangers RPM) and Santa Clause (North Pole) have graced the presence of these Time Force cadets struggling to save the world and set right what cannot go wrong in the distant future. Now, their missing teammate in yellow returns to the group after a brief absence, along with one of the most known veterans in Power Ranger history.

Introduced in the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Jason David Frank eventually donned no less than five separate Ranger identities and costumes before he hung up his spandex, most notably as the original Green Ranger. He arrives as the surprisingly complex storyline of the Twitch series is blown wide open, proving itself a far more creative piece of entertainment than it has any business being.

Power Rangers HyperForce streams live every Tuesday at 6PM PT from HyperRPG.


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