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In a January 11, 2018 “Honesty Hour” video, HyperRPG CEO Zac Eubank lamented the number of live viewers that tuned into the January 9, 2018 stream of the show Power Rangers HyperForce.  HyperRPG is the live studio and Twitch Affiliate that developed the tabletop roleplaying series and streams its weekly installments. Recent comments on the subject leave some fans wondering if HyperForce is long for this world.

In response to a viewer question regarding maintaining hype for gaming projects, Eubank stated:

I’m just gonna be completely honest with you guys, ok? One hundred percent honest with you.  When we did HyperForce this week, there were only eight hundred viewers….That’s not enough.  That’s not enough for Saban to go, like, ‘oh, enough people like this show.’ It’s just not.

Eubank went on to explain that the January 9 episode of HyperForce was the first of the show that did not have front-page support from Twitch. Seemingly as a result, HyperForce, which premiered to roughly seven-thousand live viewers, saw its viewership drop to an audience of just eight-hundred.

Viewers of the “Honesty Hour” video were told that the low numbers would affect the show’s prospects for a second season, and impact any hopes for HyperForce-themed merchandise or published games.  He noted that the title was “bought and paid for as a Twitch show,” and “[t]hat’s how they’re gauging whether or not the show is being successful.”  He concluded by saying that the recent live viewership numbers for HyperForce “freaked us out, and it freaked Saban out, too, rightfully.”

The video appeared to strike a chord with HyperForce fans from around the Twitter-verse, who flocked to Hyper RPG’s social media pages to share their own viewing habits of the series Many fans appeared to note that they prefer to watch the three-hour show in various on-demand formats after the livestream has released each week. Power Rangers Hyperforce is uploaded in various on-demand formats a week after it airs live on Twitch, including on YouTube and as a podcast. Eubank and HyperForce Game Master / host Malika Lim responded to these fans with a video Tweet on January 13:

In the video Tweet, Eubank stated that he feared some fans “were taking [his previous video] the wrong way,” and that they “do count every single view,” including those from on-demand services.  Regardless, it appears clear that all the possible futures for the time-traveling heroes of Power Rangers HyperForce are dependent on the live views for the show each week.  So, if you love HyperForce, be sure to tune in live and show your support!

An in-canon sequel to Power Rangers Time Force, supported by and made in collaboration with Saban, Power Rangers HyperForce is a weekly, live-streaming tabletop gaming show that airs Tuesdays from 6 to 9 PM PDT on Hyper RPG’s webpage.


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