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Decisions, Decisions

When asked whether you think you should sell some of your comic books, most fans will not have to think twice about their answer and reply with a resounding, “No!”. However, it could be an action to consider for a number of reasons: you might need more room to allow for the arrival of a new member to your family or simply need the space for more comics. No matter how large or small your comic book collection, chances are there are some comics in there that you just won’t get rid of, or even let out of your sight. However, if there are a few issues that have seen better days or ones that don’t quite stand up against others, then you could entertain the idea of letting them go. Some comics can even sell for quite a lot of money! If you’re lucky enough to have Teen Titans and Justice League Comics in your collection, then you could see your wallet quadruple in size. Read this, breathe slowly and steadily, and mull over the thought of waving goodbye to some of the items that make up your comic book collection. You’re effectively letting them take to the sky and fly.

Know Your Comics

If you’re thinking about selling your comic books, then you want to get as much money as you can for them. If you’re being forced to sell your beloved comics due to financial hardship, then it’s crucial to receive the best price possible for them. The worst outcome of selling your comic books would be allowing them to go for less than they’re worth. If you can get a good price for them, then you won’t feel as bad about seeing them go. If your comics are from the 1940’s and on into the ‘70’s, then there’s a strong possibility they’ll fetch more than ones created in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. Know what’s in your issue; is it a No.1, an introduction to a new character, or the beginning of a new story arc? Look it up; it’s important to know exactly what you have in your hands so that you know how much you can expect it to sell for. Don’t do yourself a disservice and let your collection sell for less than it should. Take stock of exactly what you own, take the time to go through your comic book collection and make a list of what you have, and what you’re willing to part with. Consider using an Excel spreadsheet to log your collection, but do what’s best for you. There are a variety of websites and programs that can catalogue your collection for you.

Consider The Quality Of Your Comics

If it is time for you to sell your comics, and you have no other option, then get clued up about what you have tucked away and how much to sell it for. If you possess a mint condition of Batman and Harley Quinn you could ask for a full asking price. However, you should be realistic. Chances are your copy has a bent spine with obvious signs of it having been read and enjoyed. If this is the case, then you can still sell it for a healthy amount but don’t expect to get back what you paid for it. Also, ask yourself if the comic you’re selling is still in demand. If people still want to buy it, and there aren’t too many copies currently in circulation then now would be the time to try and sell. The general rule is that the more copies of one particular comic, then the less valuable the copy will be – it’s simple economics. However, if you’ve got a large collection you want to shift and see out of your house then do it now before you change your mind about these comics. You can wait for months and years for the value to change but if you need the money or space fast, then you have will to cut your losses and wave goodbye.

Art Of Selling

If you’re looking to maximise your profits, then your best bet is to do it yourself, but even then, you should curb your expectations. Don’t expect to get more than a few coins for each comic, especially if the comic in question was published after 1980, and depending on how quickly you want to move your stock, your best bet is to sell everything at a discount if you’re shifting in bulk or selling in bundles. This method comes without the hassle of individually pricing them, too. Having said this, ensure that you meticulously check through your comics to make sure you’re not letting a valuable copy go for less than it’s worth. You can, in many instances, sell a comic for more than cover price, if you know for sure that the comic you’re selling has appreciated in value and is worth more than you originally paid for it. If this is the case, then, by all means, sell it for a higher price. A price on a comic isn’t always static, sometimes it’s worth laying low and keeping back a few issues until they’re worth more on the market, the value of comics can rise and fall so knowing when to move your collection is paramount.

Be Smart

Look around to see how much your comic is selling elsewhere, check The Overstreet Comic Price Guide and read it thoroughly before putting your comics up for sale. This book is considered to be the definitive comic book pricing guide and has been for years. Check your local comic store and see what they’re selling back issues for and copy them. However, do still remember the condition of your comic book and price accordingly. Your comic can depreciate for something as minor as a bent corner, so do consider factors like this one; if only to minimise disappointment. You may, or may not be any closer to deciding the fate of your collection, but if you are, you can be excited at the prospect of having more space and money.