It’s Hammer Time. Bringing the Joe Kelly graphic novel to life in splendid form, I Kill Giants summons up a gaggle of monsters ready to ransack the small town young Barbara Thorson (as in “Son of Thor”) calls home. Not if she has anything to say about it. A coming-of-age tale set against the imaginative backdrop of monsters and magic, from Danish Academy Award-winning filmmaker Anders Walter, crafting this tale from a script penned by the comic series’ original writer Joe Kelly.

Any dedicated comic book fan is likely to have come across Kelly’s words at some point in their time as readers, as his fingerprints are all over the scene. From Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool over at Marvel, to Superman’s Action Comics, Wonder Woman, and Justice League of America. If it flies, wears tights, or releases weird substances from an unusual part of the body, he knows them well.

I Kill Giants takes a different approach to the fantastical realm of comics, making a home over at the sometimes off-kilter, creator-owned stable at Image Comics. It’s from this domain of unique voices the story emerges, in a rare situation where the writer of a film’s source material actually scripts his own adaptation.

Along for the ride are actors Madison Wolfe, Sydney Wade, and Imogen Poots. Playing Barbara Thorson’s concerned school counselor, working to unravel the guarded heart of the girl’s seemingly overactive imagination, is actress Zoe Saldana, who superhero fans know well as the green-skinned space warrior Gomora from Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.

Something tells me they’re going for something a little different than that other “giant monsters attack a bunch of screaming humans” movie coming to theaters in a few months, Pacific Rim: Uprising. Maybe the two of them together would balance out the disparity of needs and wants of the viewing audience between them. A sensitive portrayal of life and richly-developed characters coupled with enormous creatures blowing up cars and shattering windows with protagonists who look just as likely to strut down a runway with flashing cameras as pick up a glowy weapon and bust some kaiju skulls. Or something.

I Kill Giants emerges March 23, 2018 both in theaters as well as Video-On-Demand and Digital HD.


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