Holy guacamole!

A special guest busts onto the set of Power Rangers HyperForce just in time for their missing teammate to rejoin the group after the events of previous weeks. The time-tossed crew of this Twitch roleplaying game series encounters a new ally as a daring rescue attempt is made to bring the squad back together. Don’t look so blue. It’s HyperForce!

Yoshi Sudarso, known to Ranger fans as caveman Koda, the Blue Ranger of Power Rangers Dino Charge, is no stranger to time travel shenanigans. He joins a cast that already includes his brother Peter Sudarso (Power Rangers Ninja Steel), Paul Schrier (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), adding to a host of other special guests from the long and storied history of the television franchise. His appearance now has got to rank among the more entertaining “surprises” HyperForce has offered so far.

That Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger reference. What you did there. I see it.

Power Rangers HyperForce streams live every Tuesday at 6PM PT from HyperRPG.


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