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Yesterday, we featured a story on the upcoming Gundam Build Divers anime, the next installment to the Gundam Build series. Like its predecessors, Gundam Build Divers will feature a cast of characters that assemble Gundam Models (Gunpla), and use these giant mechs to battle and compete in contests. What sets the new series apart is that it plunges our heroes into virtual reality.

In addition to announcing this new series, Sunrise studio also teased the first initial waves of Build Divers Gunpla toy models. These new kits will be compatible with both the existing Gashapon (Capsule Toy) and Mini-Pla Candy Toy lines. That is where we come to today, as we are going to look at the various kits that consist of the first assortment. These model kits are apart of the basic 1/144 High Grade, with the specific designation of HGBD. The HGBD 1/144 will be compatible with other kits in the HG line, and will feature new additions in the HGBC (Build Customs) line. We will focus on the releases in the order in which they come out!


HGBD 1/144 Gundam Age II Magnum – March 2018: 1944 Yen

Gundam AGE II is an aircraft based suit used by Kujyo Kyoya. It was produced with the concept of high spec AGE II specialized for the battle style of the champion; adding attack capability to its wings and shields, it demonstrates super attack type characteristics which allow it to attack from any position. The Mobile Suit can also assume a Phoenix mode! Its accessories feature the Hyper Doze Rifle Magnum, the Sigil Shield, two beam sabers, and four F-funnels. There will a limited edition version of the Gundam Age II Magnum sold with the HGBC Diver Gear Stand.


HGBD 1/144 Gundam 00 Diver – April 2018: 1080 Yen

A gunpla based on the 00 Gundam, Riku’s favorite. Riku takes advantage of its elementary body, but adds a vernier and wing to the base of the cone thruster; creating unexpected mobility and acquiring a balanced performance for both offense and defense. Its accessory count is limited to dual wielding a pair GN Sword II’s. However, one can upgrade it with the HGBC Diver Ace Unit, coming in May…


HGBD 1/144 GM III Beam Master – April 2018: 1944 Yen

Yukki’s love machine, GM III is a backward assist type based Mobile Suit. As its name suggests, there are beam weapons, and its signature change ring rifle that can shoot a variety of attacks. In order to ensure the stability for shooting its weapons, the legs are reinforced, it is a Gunpla with its feet attached to the ground like Yukki. The actual kit will feature the Change Ring Rifle, and two beam sabers. The Change Ring Rifle will also be sold on its own within the HGBC series.


HGBD 1/144 Grimoire Red Beret – April 2018: 1944 Yen

A Grimoire based Gunple based on a concept to further enhance the base machine; a realistic renovation has been added to each part of the main body. It is an advanced Mobile Suit made to reflects the skills of its users like Rommel. Regardless of whether its opponent is small or large, various optional parts are prepared. The actual kit will feature its Miser Claw leg attack, three Plasma knives, a multi-piece rifle set, a shield, a backpack and two Minimoas. The Minimoas are drones that store within the Grimoire’s backpack.


HGBD 1/144 Momo Kapool – May 2018: 1944 Yen

An amphibious based Mobile Suit used by Momo, who found the base cute. She remodels the Kapool to feature a penguin motif, and incorporates a miniature cockpit for the Petite Kapool to ride in. Momo found the Kapool’s missile launcher and Iron Nails to not be cute, so she removed the launcher and rounded the nails; in doing so she decreased its attack power! However, the changes managed to increase its speed and strength greatly.


HGBD 1/144 Orge GN-X – May 2018: 2160 Yen

Gunpla based on GN-XIV and customized to feature a demon motif; its battle style specialized for close-combat. When Trans-Am is activated, its head visor lowers, changing to its single-eye mode. The model kit will feature the ability to move its visor, as well as recreate its GN Shoulder Tackle and Needle Straight attacks. In addition, it will have both of its GN Orge Swords which can combine together!


HGBD 1/144 Seravee Gundam Sheherazade – May 2018: 2376 Yen

The base machine is the Seravee Gundam that has been customized to have high performance. The performance is stated to not match the machine’s physique, but will match its firepower. However, from the extensive amount of workmanship on this Gunpla to feature elements of the Ptolemaios 2, one can only expect there to be hidden gimmicks… The actual model kit will feature the hidden gimmick, as well as come with its GN Bazooka, and GN Containers.


HGBC 1/144 Diver Gear Stand – April 2018: 756 Yen

Display your Gunpla like an actual diver, with a stand based on the gear used in the series! It features clear parts, and various pieces to support Gunpla and funnels. In addition, it can hold up to 2 High Grades, and does not require assembly via screwdrivers or other tools.


HGBC 1/144 Change Ring Rifle – April 2018: 648 Yen

Rifle parts that can change the gun into various types, as seen with the GM III Beam Master! Various muzzles allow the Change Ring Rifle to be a cannon, beam rifle or sword!


HGBC 1/144 Diver Ace Unit – May 2018: 756 Yen

Custom parts to evolve Gundam 00 Diver; it includes a backpack, GN Diver Swords, and Super GN Sword II Parts! These parts will increase the Mobile Suit’s high-mobility and combat features. In addition, the set will feature a joint adapted making the unit compatible with other High Grades.


HGBC 1/144 Tilt Rotor Pack – May 2018: 864 Yen

Custom parts that can give a Mobile Suit an assault backpack! It is a military type backpack designed by Rommel to give the Grimoire Red Beret VTOL propellers, a missile pod, and chainsaws. The Build Custom set will also feature addition pieces for the Grimoire’s rifle. In addition, it can be equipped to various other Gunpla.


These kits and more are already available for pre-order at various online stores. Gundam Build Drivers is set to premiere this Spring, however its premiere date is still unknown. Check back soon for more updates.


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