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We once again find ourselves, fellow Power Rangers Legacy Wars fans, hours from a Megazord Event! As such, HJU returns with Part 2 of its Maxing Megazord series of articles. You can find Part 1, which covered some basic gaming tips and tricks for maxing your Megazord damage score, here.

Part 2 of Maxing Megazord is going to focus on the effective use of Mega abilities. While we won’t be going into the new, shiny Megazord in this article, we would be remiss if we didn’t include a nice, large picture of the most recent Legacy Wars toy. Observe the Black Dragon Megazord!

Before we discuss Mega abilities, we will start with a few corrections and updates that we all went through during the last Megazord event together:

Patch 1.7.0 brought some interesting changes to the game. Chief among them, a change to damage and health scaling. While unconfirmed, as far as we have seen, this change appears to have affected Zords and Warriors alike. This has caused a change in the “flow” of Megazord battles, as players must now contend with the possibility of causing, or enduring, extremely high critical damage. Previously, players would have been advised to be conservative in their use of the slower high-energy, high-damage Megazord moves. However, a player cannot be faulted, in the post-1.7.0 play environment, for being much more willing to attempt to land large hits despite the possibility of a counter laying in wait.

Next, a correction: we previously told players, in Part 1 of Maxing Megazord, that a 5-daily mission Super Box opened during a Megazord Event would provide that player with energy. Prior to Patch 1.7.0, this was a true statement. However, as players soon found out in the last Event, this is no longer true. Oddly, it appears that a saved 5-daily mission Super Box from the week prior to a Megazord Event week may still provide energy. As there has not been enough data on this issue yet, we can’t give a definitive answer. As of Thursday, February 8, 2018, the Patch notes pictured above will also be in effect and will effect any “energy saving” strategies.


With that out of the way, onto the substance of Part 2:

Effectively Using Megas

For those who may not know, Megazord battles in Power Rangers Legacy Wars, unlike Warrior battles, do not use “assists,” those two alternate Warriors you can summon in a Warrior battle. Instead, Megazords have six abilities (Warriors have four) and must equip two more abilities, called Megas. Megas can be very powerful abilities that are only usable after they have “charged up.” They are “charged up” when you deal, or take, damage or spend energy during the battle. Once charged, you can expend that single charge on a single use of one of your two Megas.

The choice of which Megas to use can make or break a battle. The choice of which Megas to use can be further complicated by the fact that Megas are limited resources–they are a consumable item that gets used up each battle you have them equipped (whether you used them in that battle or not).

Some general tips for using Megas are in order, before we begin discussing the individual Megas themselves.

  • Be patient!  Megas are extremely powerful; they can turn the tide of a battle.  But, one of their most useful traits is that your Megazord takes reduced damage and recovers from crowd control effects (such as stuns) when they are activated.  Saving the activation of your Mega until you need to break out of a stun can be the deciding factor of a battle.
  • Compliment your Megazord.  Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your Megazord of choice.  Use your choice of Megas to either greatly enhance the strengths of your Megazord, or to shore up some of its weaknesses.  Some specific choices, along these lines, will be explored below.
  • Remember that Megas are a consumable resource.  Whether you use a Mega during the course of a battle or not, a single use of that Mega will be expended.  Thus, you will use up two Megas (one of each of the Megas equipped) during each battle.  Often, it is the best choice to pair a subpar Mega choice with a powerful Mega in order to conserve your optimal Mega resources.

Now that we have gone over some of those general tips, lets consider each of the Megas individually by examining their strengths, weaknesses, and synergy with certain Megazords. This is certainly not an exhaustive list of considerations for each Mega, but it will, hopefully, get your juices flowing regarding the use and effectiveness of this aspect of Megazord battles.

  • Precision.  Increase critical chance for 12 seconds.

Prior to the recent 1.7.0 patch, this Mega was often relegated to a less-than-appreciated status.  However, with the advent of high damage critical attacks in the most recent season, Precision may be a powerful Mega choice.  Expect Precision to be a top-tier choice for the Dino Megazord and, potentially, Goldar.  Both of these choices have multiple high-damage attacks that have an extremely high damage-to-energy ratio with a critical.

  • Energy Regeneration.  Energy regenerates 1 per second for 7 seconds.

Energy Regeneration can be a very useful Mega, if allowed to “tick” to its completion.  Unfortunately, this Mega can be cancelled if you are hit while it is “tick”-ing along .  Thus, it is best used when you believe you can use it to unleash a long combo on your opponent.  It has its uses, but expect to mostly use it as a subpar Mega matched with a much more powerful Mega (to spare yourself from using up two powerful Megas in a single battle) and, so, it will see some use in certain situations.

  • Counter Energy.  For 12 seconds, successfully Block or Counter opponent using Defensive moves replenishes 5 EP.

While this Mega has its uses, only the Predazord regularly has consistently accessible Counters to make this Mega effective.  Unfortunately, the Predazord’s Counters have such low damage that this is not an optimal strategy.  As most players know, the Thunder Megazord has an extremely potent, and annoying, Counter in it’s Saber Parry–but even this 2-cost Counter is not reliable enough to make this Mega work.  This Mega is just too reliant on your Megazord holding the right cards, and your opponent choosing to attack with the right moves.  Leave this one at home.

  • Efficient Striker.  For 10 seconds, casting Strikes gains back 3 Energy.

This is one of the most interesting, and fun, Megas available.  However, that does not always mean it is useful.  For most Megazords, this Mega only works if luck is on your side, and the cards line up correctly.  Thus, this is another subpar Mega best paired with a more powerful choice.

A sidenote on this Mega, however.  The Predazord is the one Megazord that will always have a Strike available.  Further, it will always have a 3-cost or 2-cost Strike available.  This means that a Predazord with this Mega up can unleash a non-stop torrent of Strikes to decimate their opponents.  Practical?  Maybe not in high-level play.  Fun?  Oh yeah.

  • Healing Breakers.  For 10 seconds, gain health every time you cast a Breaker.

While this Mega has its uses, those uses are extremely limited.  Like other “tick”-ing Megas, this ability can be cancelled on an opposing hit.  Further, it is dependent on luck, once again.  This Mega is great with a well-timed “beam” attack from one of the Megazords, but remains a subpar choice overall.

  • Silence Defensive.  Silences Defensive abilities on opponent for 10 seconds.

This Mega is a close-range attack that causes the above effects.  This Mega was once a subpar choice for all but the Predazord, who could hope to use it in a similar way to Efficient Striker.  This has changed post-1.7.0, or, as it may soon be known, “The Age of Rushing Double.”  The Dino Megazord can make use of this Mega to land its unbelievably potent move Rushing Double, which stuns the opponent and can open up a longer combo.  Goldar can also benefit greatly from this Mega, opening up the use of multiple Titan Stomps and stunning the opponent to death.  While this can be powerful, this Mega remains a middle-of-the-road choice, even if it is, at worst, a free-energy attack.

  • Silence Breakers.  Silences Breakers on opponent for 10 seconds.

While Silence Defensive was middle-of-the-road, and could be a decent choice, Silence Breakers remains a lower tier choice.  While this is a free attack, just like the other Silence choices, there is little hope to combo off of Silence Breakers.  While Breakers trump Counters, there is little hope that Counters will begin a combo.  Goldar does possess a Counter that stuns the opponent, but he is the one exception.  This Mega otherwise depends on your opponent having Breaker cards that get locked.  This Mega is above subpar due to being a free attack, but it is not a top choice at all.

  • Ultimate Attack.  A special move, unique to each Megazord.

Ultimate Attack is a strange Mega, and ranges from middle-of-the-road to extremely powerful.

Predazord: Ultimate Attack for Predazord is a simple, yet strong, free attack.  While a free attack is nothing to scoff at, it is not a strong choice for this Zord.

Thunder Megazord:  Ultimate Attack for the Thunder Megazord is a ranged attack that can hit about half of the screen.  It will always hit if the opponent is in range.  That said, it is not a particularly strong attack, even if it is free.

Goldar:  Ultimate Attack for Goldar is nearly identical, generally, to the Thunder Megazord.  It is, again, a free attack that is not particularly powerful.

Dino Megazord: Ultimate Attack for the Dino Megazord is a top-tier Mega.  This is a close-range, slow-start attack that hits twice and stuns the opponent.  Being a free stun-attack, this can lead to devastating combos.  Always be prepared for opponents to dash away when they see this attack begin, and be sure to only use it when they cannot get away.  Further, be aware of the fact that your opponent can use their own Megas to negate the stun effect.  This is a powerful choice for the Dino Megazord.

Black Dragon:  ???

  • Recharge.  Instantly gain 5 energy.

This Mega requires no “tick”-ing, and can lead to powerful, and long, combos.  This is an obviously powerful choice for all Megazord choices–it is free energy!

  • Silence Strikes.  Silences Strikes on opponent for 10 seconds.

Another Silence Mega, which is another free, close-range attack.  This is probably the best of the Silence Megas.  All of the Megazord choices have very powerful, high-damage Breakers.  Successfully landing this Mega allows the use of those attacks without fear of a Strikeout.  In the post-1.7.0 environment, those powerful attacks can cause game-winning critical damage.  This is a top-tier Mega.  Expect it often.

  • Rage.  Increase the damage for 10 seconds.

Another “tick”-ing Mega, and, thus, it suffers from the same drawbacks as the others in that it can be cancelled by opposing hits.  In the post-1.7.0 environment, this Mega may see some use as players try to quickly dominate a battle with a handful of high-damage attacks.  That said, this Mega does not actually help you combo, and is, thus, not a top-tier choice.  Expect to still see it often, however, as more damage is still good.

  • Force Field.  Absorb 50% damage for 10 seconds.

A “tick”-ing Mega that is not cancelled by an opposing hit, heck, it invites opposing hits!  This Mega is actually quite powerful on paper, but not always in play.  What is the problem?  10 seconds is not that long.  Your opponent can hold off on opening up with a large combo until after this Mega has ran out.  So, the best way to use this Mega is to discourage your opponent from wasting their energy countering your own large combo.  Be ready to launch a series of attacks as soon as you use this Mega.  This Mega may not be top-tier, but it is a fine choice.

  • Regenerate.  Heal over time.

This is a strange Mega.  First, it is a “tick”-ing Mega and is cancelled by an opposing hit.  It also does not heal much, healing 1 percent of your health each tick.  However, what this Mega does do is potentially allow your opponent to deal more damage than you have HP.  This can be very problematic if you are fighting opponents from Alliances that may surpass your own on the Leaderboard!  This is not a particularly strong Mega, and it can create problems for your Alliance if you are giving up too much damage to opponents.  You will see this Mega often, though, as it can create just the edge a player may need to win.

One quick sidenote, some top alliances are known for “damage sharing.”  That is when Alliances, or Alliance members, agree to take turns hitting each other instead of actually fighting a battle if they match up against one another.  This allows them to maximize their damage, in lieu of actually playing the game as intended.  This Mega allows “damage sharers” to increase their damage sharing even further.  One wonders if this aspect of the game is actually intended, or if it can even be prevented.

  • Damage Over Time.  If the target is hit by this projectile they will take additional damage over time.

This is a ranged attack Mega that will always hit.  It does mediocre initial damage, followed up by damage-over-time.  This damage-over-time effect will be cancelled if the opponent being damaged hits you.  Regardless, this is a free, ranged attack that cannot be countered by other abilities.  This is an incredibly powerful Mega, and likely the most used Mega in the game.  Use it often, use it well.


That is it for Part 2 of Maxing Megazord!  We hope you enjoyed it!  Do you agree or disagree with our assessments?  Let us know on our social media around the web!  We hope you will return for more Power Rangers Legacy Wars content in the future.

A special thank you to the Alliance members of Brotherhood of Havoc and Brotherhood of Chaos for their ideas and support.

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