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Happy Valentine’s Day and welcome to another installment of Toku Trove, Henshin Justice Unlimited’s continuing feature series. Today, we are showcasing Will R.’s breath-taking Power Rangers collection.  Will has done an excellent job of showcasing each part of his amazing collection, supplying us with many wonderful pictures, and we are sure that it will be love at first sight for many of you!

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We begin with some words from Will about his awesome collection:

I’ve been a huge Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan since the show first aired. My family was not financially well off, so my dad was only able to buy me a few MMPR toys as a child. As an adult, in 2010, when MMPR was “remastered” and re-aired on Nickelodeon and new toys were released, I had the financial means to experience a part of my childhood again. I think that is what inspired me to start collecting.  

The first official collection items I bought were the 2010 Dino Megazord and the 4-inch action figures. After that I slowly began snatching up original 1993-1995 items from eBay. Once Bandai’s Legacy line began, I officially lost my mind and started buying EVERYTHING Mighty Morphin. 

My display began as a short bookshelf in my bedroom. I then bought a taller bookshelf. Next, I bought a glass display case. And then another. Eventually my bedroom was too crowded for my collection, so I turned my home office into a collection room. With the added space, I built two display cases myself. As of now, three walls of the room are covered and I have two closets full of boxes. I collect much more beyond toys, including books, trading cards, clothing, lunch boxes, cups, bottles, mugs, and more. This hobby has quickly gotten out of control!

Enjoy the pictures!

We hope you all enjoyed this edition of Toku Trove!  A big thank you to Will R. for allowing us the privilege of showing off his amazing collection.

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