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The Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger toy line has started off on a fairly high note. The concept of one Morpher being utilized slightly differently by both teams is an interesting one and the VS Changer pulls this off well, almost feeling like 2 separate Morphers. The toy can be purchased in 2 separate ways as well. One being the Lupinranger version and the other being the Patranger version. The VS Changer itself doesn’t vary from set to set but rather the included mecha, being either the Red Dial Fighter or Trigger Machine Ichigo. In the end, regardless of which version you purchase, all of the DX Trigger Machines and Dial Fighters are available for individual purchase separately.

The gun, for the most part, is white with black and orange highlight, and clear red plastic running through it that glows when the lights and sounds are activated. Pulling the trigger gives you gunshot sounds. From here, the user can link up either corresponding attachment to activate the Lupin or Pat standby music respectively. Rotating the gun up for Lupinrangers or down for Patrangers give the full transformation jingle and new gun firing sounds. Turning the barrel to neutral then back again results in the mecha summoning sounds. The VS Changer can also differentiate which mecha is inserted into it giving different sounds for all 6 mecha.

Overall, this is an incredible toy and I highly recommend the VS Changer and one of each mecha (A Dial Fighter and a Trigger Machine). If this new toyline continues this strong, we are gonna have a great year for Super Sentai.


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