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Happy Friday, Toku Trove readers! We are a few days late with this week’s collection (usually posted on Wednesdays!) but we hope that we can help you end your week right with a great collection to admire. Today, we are showcasing Jacob McDannell’s rapidly growing Power Rangers collection. Jacob has provided us with some great shots of his collection, and a wonderful story as well.

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We begin with some words from Jacob about his awesome collection:

The story behind my collection/obsession: I was a 90’s kid through and through. After Power Rangers first aired, it was eat, sleep, and breathe Power Rangers. Back then, as a kid, it was hands down the best show on TV. I looked forward to watching it everyday after school. That was until I turned 15, when I grew out of it but secretly was still a fan.

My collection was small when I first returned to collecting Power Rangers. After the 20th anniversary was announced, I was excited to see what would become of the franchise. One day, my dad was on a local auction site and noticed that there were a bunch of Power Ranger toys up for grabs. Believe me, if I’d have had more money, I’d have bought every last figure available. Luckily, i was able to walk away with all of the Megazords and Morphers in the auction lot for only $200.00.

After that, I went “balls to the wall” on trying to expand my collection. As you can see, I am starting to run out of room.

It wasn’t too long after I grew my collection that I realized why I love this show. Growing up, i was the youngest of 3 children but was raised as an only child. I never knew my brother or sister until about 3 years ago. So, watching Power Rangers gave me the older siblings I could look up to as a kid. I hope one day, when I have a son or daughter, I may pass on a legacy of my own to them and instill in them the virtues that I learned from this show. People may look at me strangely because I still collect Power Rangers toys, but, with a smile, I am able to tell them that I am who I am because of this show.

We hope you all enjoyed this edition of Toku Trove! Thanks to Jacob for sending in his collection to be featured!

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