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In Kamen Rider Build‘s second quarter, they remodeled the DX Trans Steam Gun into the DX Nebula Steam Gun, complete with new sounds and a sweet new purple paint job. The toy also comes with 2 Gears (basically square Full Bottles) that can create 3 forms. Much like the Trans Steam Gun, you can put any bottles you want in here, but it only reads the 2 Gears and the DX Crocodile Crack Full Bottle, which we’ll get into more later. By inserting either the Gear Remocon or the Gear Engine into the gun and pulling the trigger, the user now becomes Remocon Bro or Engine Bro respectively. Another trigger pull results in the final attack for either character.

Now here’s when things get really cool. By inserting one gear, then the other, you get the “Funky Match” and fuse into the Hell Bro, also equipped with his own finishing attack. This is a fantastic upgrade from the Trans Steam Gun. Not that the Trans Steam Gun was bad but for the same price you get 2 gimmicks instead of 1 and it can create 3 forms. So as far as “bang for your buck” is concerned, the Nebula Steam Gun has you covered. On top of it all, if you have the DX Steam Blade, it can combine into Rifle Mode and unlock even more sounds. Overall, this is a great pick up and a very good stand alone item from the Build toy line.

Well, Gentoku upgraded from Night Rogue to Kamen Rider Rogue so naturally he needs new gear. He gets his own Nebula Steam Gun, Sclash Driver, and most importantly, the DX Crocodile Crack Full Bottle. This is a really cool Bottle. It costs about twice as much as a standard set does but this is the first Full Bottle to come with its own sound effects and lights. Rotating the green top can activate those lights and sounds giving the user 3 special sound effects, each one creepier than the last. The Bottle also unlocks a new henshin jingle and finishing attack in the DX Sclash Driver, and those are some of the highlights of this set for sure. When it comes down to it, while its a really cool-looking gimmick toy, I can only recommend it if you have the DX Sclash Driver. On its own, it can’t do much. And while it can go into the DX Build Driver, the sound effects are really only worth the price for the Sclash Driver.


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