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TGIF Toku Trove readers! We are updating this feature series on a Friday once again, hoping to give you another collection to enjoy and help you end your week on a high note. Today, we are featuring Brent’s collection, or more accurately, just a small portion of Brent’s collection–which makes it all the more impressive once you see the pictures! The tip of this iceberg is an amazing sight in its own right!

Remember, if you would like to see your collection featured on Toku Trove, send us pictures, along with a few words about your stuff at We are searching for more collections to feature soon!

And now I will hand it over to Brent:

I started collecting Power Rangers back in ’94, then Super Sentai & Kamen Rider in the early 2000s, and Ultraman just a few years ago. Besides those staples, I also have a ton of comics, things from Phone Braver 7, and a Godzilla collection that has taken over half of my desk!

The space that I have in my current house is very limited though, so unfortunately something like 90% of my collection is boxed up and stored away. And as you can see from the pictures sometimes toys are just kind of placed where they’ll fit if I want to have them displayed. Such is the life though of a toy collector with limited space. Now onto the collection!

My most prized item the SOC Daizyujin. It was a very early Christmas gift from my most special lady and SUCH an awesome toy it deserved it’s own $100 display case!

Above it I have some Funko items:

And at the base the MiniPla model kits:

The MMPR shelf filled with Zyuranger & PR Legacy toys….with my Daizyujin that took me 10 years to piece together!

To the right, the Dino Charge collection:

And to the left of the MMPR shelf, the Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad collecion & Legacy Titanus:

On another small shelf:

Then what I have in my room is kind of placed wherever there is space for it:

And then some stuff that’s boxed away:

Thanks, Brent, for sharing your awesome collection! We cannot believe that this was only the tip of your collection iceberg!

Don’t forget, if you would like to see your collection featured, email Toku Trove at


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