Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where we crash ideologies headlong into each other to see which will survive. This week in Kamen Rider Build the duels continue as the spotlight settles upon Build and Rogue’s clash of ideals, fists, and extending feet. Meanwhile in Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Lupin Red tries to tease Patren #1 away from the cause of justice and focus on obtaining his revenge. Who will the spolight finally fall upon? Will Sawa continue to evade it? As always, please let us know who you think is currently on top in the comments below.

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 27
“The Hero’s Counterattack”

As Ryuga (Cross-Z) and Fu Washio (Hell Bros) prepare to fight, Kazumi (Grease) gets a phone call from Sawa. It initially seems that Fu has the upper hand. However, Ryuga remembers a conversation he had with Kazumi after their sparring session in the previous episode. They were back at the cafe, bandaging their wounds and discussing their reasons for fighting. Both of them ultimately fight for the people they care about, unlike Sento (Build) who even fights for those that he doesn’t know. Kazumi posits that Sento will break under the strain someday and Ryuga replies that he will end things before that happens because Sento made him the person he now is. Back in the present Ryuga is spurred on by the memory of this conversation and gains the upper hand over Fu. Ryuga starts celebrating prematurely, only for Fu to comment that he can’t give in because his brother will be killed if he loses. Shocked at this, Ryuga stops attacking, allowing Fu to go on the offensive and deliver enough damager to cancel Ryuga’s transformation. After the battle, Fu’s brother appears to congratulate him and Fu reveals to Ryuga that he lied to manipulate him.

Sawa has arrived at the duel arena to deliver the data she stole from Sento in the previous episode. Juzaburo Nanba hands the USB drive to Nariaki for him to input into Gentoku’s (Rogue) Sclash Driver. Sawa asks if Juzaburo will keep his promise. He responds that it depends upon whether the data is accurate and reminds her that she shouldn’t try to deceive him. Nariaki uploads the new data into Gentoku’s driver. He tries to motivate him by commenting that this is his chance for revenge on Touto, but Gentoku claims that he is driven by his ideology instead. Ryuga apologies to Sento and Misora for losing but Sento appears unconcerned. Meanwhile, it seems Kazumi is attempting to break into a building.

The duel between Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Rogue begins. As they clash they also debate about the purpose of the Rider systems and the future of humanity. Gentoku refers to him by his old name, Katsuragi, the whole time. Rogue has the upper hand over Build’s Sparkling form and manages to take some of Sento’s Full Bottles from him. Laid out on the floor, Sento looks up at Gentoku and over his shoulder sees Ryuga and Misora watching on. He remembers back to episode 16, when Ryuga reminded him that he was not the same man as Katsurugi. In a call back to Ryuga’s own remarks earlier, Sento says that Ryuga has made him the person he is now. Declaring that he will surpass Katsuragi, Sento unveils his latest invention, the Full Full RabbitTank Bottle, and uses it to transform into RabbitRabbit form. His new form has all the strength of his Hazard form, but without the loss of control and with a boost in speed. Using his new weapon, the Full Bottle Buster, Sento sends Gentoku through the wall and out of the arena. However, Rogue’s eyes still glow menacingly through the dust, and the duel continues…

Will Gentoku’s RabbitRabbit countermeasures work? What did Sawa enlist Kazumi’s help for? What did you think of RabbitRabbit’s debut? let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 06
“What is it That you Protect?”

Destra finds himself being questioned by his boss, Dogranio, who is curious to know if the source of his information was a Gangler called Zamigo, who was previously seen in the vicinity when the Lupinrangers’ loved ones were frozen. Destra confirms that Zamigo is the source and that he has been spending a lot of time in the human world. Meanwhile it seems both the Lupinrangers and Patrangers are wondering where their respective Reds are. In addition, Jim Carter is currently monitoring all active public security cameras in case Bundolt appears again. Keiichiro (Patren #1) is sat on the same bench from episode one, stewing from his encounter with Lupin Red in the previous episode. Kairi (Lupin Red) spots him and plans to try and talk him into inadvertently revealing some new information about Bundolt. However, Keiichiro is so consumed by his anger that he doesn’t even notice Kairi as he storms off.

Jim Carter locates Bundolt and the Patrangers scramble to confront him. Keiichiro asks his fellow officers to stall, hoping that if the battle drags on the Lupinrangers will appear and he will be able to fight Lupin Red again. This merely gives Bundolt the opportunity to escape. Tsukasa (Patran #3) reacts by slapping Keiichiro hard and telling him he needs to clear his head. Bundolt re-establishes his human disguise. He encounters Gauche who agrees to help him out. Keiichiro and Tsukasa retire to a quiet spot. Tsukasa recalls the day they were both assigned to the anti-Gangler tactical unit. Keiichiro had spoken about never forgetting the responsibilities that come with their new positions. Tsukasa reveals that she had taken his words to heart before leaving Keiichiro to mull over his own words. Sakuya (Patran #2) drops by the Lupinrangers’ bistro. It appears he’s mainly there to flirt with Umika (LupinYellow) but he does reveal that his colleagues have fallen out before his professionalism kicks in and he realises he shouldn’t air their dirty laundry in public.

Bundolt starts attacking people in a public area in a bid to lure out the Lupinrangers so that he can retrieve the Collection pieces they stole from him in the previous episode. He now has large arm blades as part of the power-up Gauche has imbued into him. The Patrangers are scrambled with the Lupinrangers hot on their heels. Both teams attack and another three-way brawl ensues. Kairi targets Keiichiro in order to occupy all his attention and prevent the Patrangers from being able to destroy Bundolt before they can crack his safe. Bundolt decides to demonstrate his strength by pitching a pair of energy blades towards the two Reds. Kairi dodges the attack but Keiichiro stands and takes both hits. The force of the attack causes the stairway above him to collapse but he stands firm and catches a large piece of rubble as it falls. The other rangers realise that a pair of girls were hidden behind one of the columns holding up the stairs, and by standing his ground Keiichiro managed to keep them safe. The Good Striker swoops out of the sky to steal the Biker Trigger Machine from Kairi and return it to Keiichiro, though he is then captured by an angry Touma (LupinBlue). Keiichiro uses the Biker Trigger Machine to fire a powerful energy blast at Bundolt, but the Lupinrangers manage to restrain their target and retrieve his Collection piece mere moments before the attack destroys him. Keiichiro then collapses to the ground, unable to continue.

Gauche appears to revive Bundolt as a giant and the Lupinrangers summon their Dial Fighters. They combine with the Good Striker and their battle with Bundolt continues. Kairi decides to summon the Cyclone Dial Fighter which becomes a replacement left arm for Lupin Kaiser. Using its wind powers the Lupinrangers quickly dispatch Bundolt for good, to the amusement of an observing Zamigo. Back at the bistro, Kogure is collecting the item that was in Bundolt’s safe. He allows the Lupinrangers to keep the Cyclone Dial Fighter and is unconcerned about the Biker Trigger Machine now in the police’s possession. Both Kairi and Keiichiro contemplate their counterparts on the opposite side of the law.

Will Good Striker ever be tamed? Will Sakuya’s crush on Umika continue all season? Who will win in the battle between rival red rangers? Let us know in the comments or in our forum.


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