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Playing video games is a fun activity and great way to pass the time when you have it. What’s not very exciting is when you lack the skills and abilities to play the games you love well. You’ll likely soon become frustrated and irritated if you’re not very good, and most likely you’ll put down the controller and walk away from a pleasurable pastime.

However, be happy to know there are tips and tricks for how you can get better at playing video games and have a more enjoyable time. You have to be willing to admit that you’re not very good and also humble enough to take on the challenge of learning how to improve. The transformation won’t happen overnight, so remain patient as you work your way to becoming more talented in this area.


Think of playing video games like you would any other activity that you’re trying to get better at and enhance your skills. It means you’re going to want to spend a lot of time practicing and playing games. Set aside a block of time each night to sit down and concentrate on the system and screen in front of you. Be willing to play the games and levels over again until you conquer them and can move on to the next obstacle. Practicing allows you to brush up on your gaming abilities without feeling the pressure that comes with playing someone else. Work your way up to battling others as you improve and feel more comfortable with the controller.

Branch out

Don’t only focus on video games as you’re trying to become a better gamer. Instead, what will help is if you branch out to other types of similar challenges, such as board games and online baccarat. Do this to train your brain how to problem solve and then transfer what you learn engaging in these supplementary kinds of activities to your video games. There are a wide variety of games out there you should try playing that will only help enhance your video game playing skills as well. Don’t limit yourself to one specific target if you want to truly become a more well-rounded gamer.

Start Small

Be accepting of the fact that you may need to start small at the lowest level possible before you gain the necessary talents for being able to play more challenging stages in a game. Conquer the easiest obstacles first and do so continuously until it becomes very easy for you to win. Work your way up to the more difficult games and levels as time passes and using the controller becomes second nature to you. Pay attention to the details and why you’re beginning to catch on and able to master particular games better than others. Begin to recognize your specific pain points and areas where you’re able to excel fairly quickly.

Observe Others

Sometimes the only way to learn is to take on tips and best practices from the most talented players out there. Spend time observing others and soaking up information before jumping right in and trying to play without any prior knowledge of what you’re doing. Watch closely, take notes and ask questions so you can get better at playing video games and move your way into being someone others want to observe one day. Watch videos online, visit gaming stores and invite friends over who are skilled at playing video games and pick their brains.

Attend Conventions & Events

Be proactive and seek out people who are just as passionate as you are about playing video games. Get involved in the gaming community if you want to get better at playing yourself. You can do this by attending conventions and events and learning more about the background and history of this activity and the specific games. Get pointers, explore new challenges you can take on back home, and network and exchange information with people who you think are worth knowing and can help you succeed. There are also online forums and chat groups you should stay connected with when you’re not attending physical shows.

Host Gaming Nights

Get better by taking charge and hosting regular video game nights with friends and family who are interested in playing and improving their skills too. It is a fun way to not only get better at gaming but to socialize and exchange ideas and thoughts on the subject matter with others. Decide which games to play, eat delicious foods and work on improving your skills in a fun and relaxed environment. This is your chance to get better without putting too much pressure on yourself to succeed. Keep your eyes and ears open as others are playing and try to pick up on tips you’re not as familiar with too.

Find A Mentor

What will be worth your time and energy is to find a gaming mentor who you can learn from and won’t make you feel silly as you fumble your way to becoming a better gamer. Meet with this person regularly and continue to practice and ask questions as you slowly develop into an expert yourself. Be picky about who you choose to mentor you because you want someone who you feel comfortable with, won’t judge you and will be patient as you try to overcome the inevitable obstacles you’ll face as you learn and grow. You also have to be willing to take advice, not be set in your ways and adapt your skills as they guide and work with you.


Unfortunately, just because you want to play video games doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at it. What you need is to work on perfecting your skills and getting to a place where you can challenge others and not feel frustrated with yourself. Have fun experimenting and learning and try not to take it too seriously as you work through the kinks and roadblocks. Keep in mind that someday you could be the one in the driver’s seat who’s mentoring others and taking your gaming talents to another level if you stay focused and determined.