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Yes, you heard right. As reports, it’s been announced that writer Kyle Higgins will be leaving BOOM! Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series and, starting from Issue 31, writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Simone Di Meo will take the helm in a new story arc spinning out of the Shattered Grid event, titled “Beyond the Grid”. Kyle Higgins will still continue to write the upcoming Soul of the Dragon graphic novel.

Additionally, not only are we getting a new creative team, we’re also getting a bizarre but crazy new lineup for the team. Composing of Ranger Slayer (BOOM! Studios’ Go Go Power Rangers), Magna Defender (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy), Zeo Ranger 2 / Yellow (Power Rangers Zeo), Red Space Ranger (Power Rangers in Space), Green Samurai Ranger (Power Rangers Ninja Storm) and, in a shocking twist, the Dark Ranger, known to Super Sentai fans as the villainous Deathryuger from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, this team’s set to be our flagship cast moving forward. The original dino-themed heroes of Angel Grove will continue to be featured in Go Go Power Rangers.

We thank Kyle Higgins for the contributions his comic book efforts have made to Power Rangers history, and we welcome Marguerite Bennett and Simone Di Meo to the family.


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