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The lead hero of Kamen Rider Build has reached his final Genius Form. And, to attain that form, Sento needs the Genius Full Bottle. The DX Genius Full Bottle is a great final toy for the line.

It’s simple, but it comes with all the functions you’d expected, and it looks and sounds pretty sweet. On its own, the the toy looks similar in size and shape to the DX Sparkling Can. It does, however, have a new color scheme and mirror in the center for a cool light-up effect when activated in the driver. On its own, the DX Genius Full Bottle has a button that you can press to activate the “turn on” sound effect. From there, continually pressing the button will cycle through Sento’s voice saying some of his classic catchphrases until you cycle back to the “turn on” sound again. Inserting the toy into the Driver, of course, gives you the Henshin for Genius Form, which sounds awesome. The mirror effects start to show here as well. LED lights illuminate the center of the toy and the image of 2 Full Bottles can be seen on either side of the window with the mirror creating an illusion of an endless line of Full Bottles going back in space. From here, we have 3 different attacks – the Genius Attack, the Genius Break, and the Genius Finish, which can all be accessed by cranking the level to access the form’s One Side, Flip Side, or All Side features. One crank turn actives the first attack, two actives the second, and three or more activates the finisher.

Overall, this is a very strong toy for the DX Build line to go out on. Sure, we’ve seen better, but this is far from the bottom and honestly one of the better “power up” items for Build. I highly recommend it for anyone with a DX Build Driver.


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