Two SH Figuarts items were produced in the main toy release line for the Kamen Rider Build TV series, those being Build himself and the villainous Night Rogue. Now, despite these two figures sharing a lot of the same pieces, Blood Stark and Cross-Z, unfortunately, are Premium Bandai Web Exclusives.

Let’s start with the negatives right now, because the absolute worst thing about these figures are their prices (Well, Blood Stark’s neck joint is also loose, but it’s acceptable). As previously mentioned, these two figures have a lot of parts that are similar to those in past releases, but their price point is double just because they’re Premium Bandai. This is going to be a huge deterrent for a lot of fans, and rightfully so, since the figures don’t come with enough to justify this huge spike in price.

Now, despite the obnoxious price point, both of these figures are absolutely awesome! Both figures have fantastic articulation, Blood Stark has the aforementioned loose neck, and Cross’s arms are slightly hindered by the shoulder pads, but nothing unreasonable for the design of the characters. The sculpt is flawless as well, both characters’ likenesses are perfectly represented here. In an insane level of detail, Cross’s Dragon can be removed from the Driver and all 3 Full bottles from the 2 Figures can be removed from their weapons/drivers and swapped around, if desired.

Lastly, both figures come with accessories. First, we have new hands, which is pretty standard for any high end figure. Far more exciting is the Beat Crosser and Steam weapons. The Beat Crosser is wonderfully sculpted with its own accessory allowing Cross to simulate the “Hit Parade” attacks. Stark comes with two weapons, the Transteam Gun and Steam Blade. Not only do these two weapons look great individually but they can actually break apart and combine into rifle mode, just like in the show ,and just like with the DX versions.

Overall, the figures themselves are near flawless and I absolutely love them, but my wallet, well, he’s not so happy. Again, as I mentioned at the top, the price is the worst thing about these figures. If you can afford them and don’t mind the insane price, then you’ll love these figures.


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