It’s time once again for another delicious offering from Kamen Rider the Diner. As we’ve featured several times in the past here at Henshin Justice Unlimited, this fine establishment has been serving up an explosive, ever-evolving menu based on the heroes and villains of Toei Company’s Kamen Rider television series for years now. This time, they’re focusing on a personal favorite mine, with 2003’s Kamen Rider Faiz (aka Kamen Rider 555, because words are fun).

Last time we discussed it, The Diner was taking us on a feels trip with a series overseen by the same writer, with 2008’s Kamen Rider Kiva. The newly-refreshed menu includes items inspired by characters both of the Faiz television series and the movie Kamen Rider Faiz: Paradise Lost, the story set within a universe alternate to the familiar TV adventures.

Here we have drinks based on the title hero in his primary form, Kamen Rider Faiz, plus the morally dubious movie-exclusive character with the dope costume, Kamen Rider Psyga. Straws never looked so deadly.

Next, you can sip on some spirits that will take you back to those lovably conflicted undead villains, the Orphenochs. Nice touch with Kaido’s guitar.

Then, we have food items based on some of the more prominent frenemies and rivals in this operatic dramafest series, with the Horse Orphenoch and the ultimate troll, Kamen Rider Kaixa.

At last, we swing back around to our main man Faiz, with another dish focusing on his primary form, as well as one inspired by the Faix Axel Form. It’s meant to emulate the appearance of the Faiz helmet, but notice it’s split down the middle, just as Axel’s chestplate separates when going into his speedy mode. What don’t they think of, eh?

Kamen Rider the Diner will continue kicking (blue) fire in the heart of Ikebukuro, Japan with the 555 menu for a short while yet. Interested travelers and local foodies can sample these treats until July 9, 2018. Then will come the next on their list of Rider-inspired goodies to feed the fandom at large.


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