As Power Rangers fans bid farewell to the superhero franchise’s long-standing toy makers at Bandai, they’re offering one more special item before closing up shop and passing the torch to new owner Hasbro. As a special convention exclusive, Bandai America will make available the Lord Drakkon figure, as well as his iconic throne, from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book series from BOOM! Studios.

Hailing from a dark alternate universe in which Green Ranger Tommy Oliver never joined the show’s familiar heroes in their quest to save Earth from evil, Drakkon quickly became one of the book’s most prominent villains, now featured in the Shattered Grid mini-series event.

The Lord Drakkon figure and the Lord Drakkon throne are sold separately, but are available for order by attending and non-attending fans.

The Power Morphicon industry and fan event will be held August 17-19, 2018 in Anaheim, California.


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