Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Sento’s conflicted emotions towards his father cause a split between him and his fellow Riders in this week’s episode of Kamen Rider Build. Luckily Ryuga’s faith in unshaken and this allows them a rare victory. Elsewhere Noel attempts to ingratiate himself with his fellow officers backfires in Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, and impacts his still-forming relationship with the phantom thieves. Luckily he has the sheer firepower to blast his way out of this tricky spot.

Will Vernage possess Ryuga? Will Gentoku and Kazumi need their help next week? Can Noel really play both sides all season long? Tell us what you think of these shows in our forum or over on our Facebook page.

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 43
“The Other Build”

As Evolt retrieves Nariaki, Sento’s (Build) father Shinobu (other Build) faces the Riders. The Build Driver is even more synchronised to his body, meaning that the standard Build forms are more powerful than usual, and he easily defeats Kazumi (Grease) and Gentoku (Rogue). During the battle Ryuuga (Cross-Z) has further flashbacks of Evolts memories, sending him out of control and putting Shinobu in danger of losing his life at Ryuuga’s hands. Sento saves his father by Rider kicking Ryuuga away, and Shinobu escapes. They take an unconscious Ryuuga back to the lab, Kazumi and Gentoku declare that they cannot fight at Sento’s side while he’s conflicted about seeing his father as the enemy.

Misora tries to raise Sento’s spirits but his father’s actions have him questioning his own reasons for fighting. She meets with Evolt who claims that he can magnify Vernage’s power by exposing Misora to Nebula gas. In reality it brings an enraged version of Vernage’s personality to the surface. Sento comes to retrieve her only for Vernage to change into a Lost Smash. Shinobu informs Sento that using Build’s power to pacify Vernage will cause Misora to die. He then teams with Vernage against his son. Sento is forced out of his transformation and questions his father’s reasons for siding with Evolt. They are interrupted by Ryuuga, who recalls Sento’s words back when Evolt had first revealed that he had manipulated him into becoming Build, before helping Sento to his feet.

Ryuuga occupies Shinobu while Sento attempts to find a way to restore Misora. As Ryuuga begins to lose control again Sento hits Vernage with enough force to force her consciousness out of Misora and into Ryuuga’s body. Vernage and Evolt’s powers cancel each other out within Ryuuga and now that Misora is no longer Vernage’s host Sento is able to counteract the Nebula gas and restore her to normal. The two Riders attack Shinobu together and Sento obtains the Rabbit Lost Bottle from his father. Shinobu returns to Evolt’s lair where Nariaki warns them that Gentoku and Kazumi have infiltrated their base.

Can Sento really kill his own father? Can the Riders reunite to defeat Evolt? How quickly can Gentoku change t-shirts? Let us know what you expect for the final arc on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 22
“Love Comes Naturally With Life”

Noel (X) is having a confab with Kogure, where he insists the butler hand over one of the Lupin Collection pieces in exchange for the one he recovered from the Gangler in the previous episode. The next day the Patrangers visit bistro Jurer to ‘introduce’ their new recruit to the staff there. Noel quickly realises that Sakuya (Patren #2) has a crush on Umika (Lupin Yellow) and as his colleagues leave he pockets Sakuya’s phone, before asking Umika to return it to him so that Sakuya has an opportunity to ask her out. A fish-like Gangler called Demeran then appears, imprisoning humans in his fishbowl. As Sakuya returns Umika is unable to transform without exposing her identity and Demeran captures her before fighting Sakuya off and making a retreat.

Sakuya returns to the bistro to explain and promises to save Umika. After he leaves Noel is similarly apologetic as he realises that Umika would not have been there if not for him. The global police pinpoint the three spots that Demeran is most likely to next appear and deploy an officer to each site. Noel catches up to Sakuya and similarly apologises to him. Sakuya admits that he knows Umika doesn’t return his feelings but vows to save her regardless. Right on cue, Demeran appears and Sakuya purposefully gets captured in order to try and break the bowl from inside. When the remaining Lupinrangers appear Noel also allows himself to be captured and helps Sakuya break out.

Kairi (Lupin Red) manages to retrieve the Gangler’s treasure and the Lupinrangers fry their fishy foe. When Demeran grows large Noel asks Kairi and Touma (Lupin Blue) to summon his additional VS Vehicles before summoning his X-Train and combining them to form X-Emperor Slash. At Dogranio’s request Destra appears and summons one of his Golems. Noel responds by changing his mecha into its alternate form, X-Emperor Gunner, which quickly machine-guns through both monsters. Back on the ground Umika thanks Sakuya for rescuing her, accidentally using the exact wording Sakuya had previously mentioned that girls usually use when letting him down gently.

Which of X-Emperor’s forms do you prefer? Will Sakuya be deterred in his pursuit of Umika? What will Noel’s new Collection piece do? Tell us your theories in the comments below or come and join us in our forum.


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