Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where sometimes the most difficult battles are between old friends! Yes, despite the title this episode does not feature an previously unmentioned additional member of the Minato family, but rather an old family friend playing something of a self-appointed surrogate mother role. Which of course means engaging them in that most deadly of games – paper/rock/scissors!

Ultraman R/B, Episode 06
“An Old Enemy! Big Sister’s Finishing Move!”

The brothers are battling a Mecha Gomora summoned by Makoto Aizen. They fail to damage their foe or amuse Aizen, prompting him to recall the monster rather than continue the battle. The brothers rush home only to find Asahi and their father consulting with a fortune teller to determine how to make business pick up. The brothers try to usher the fortune teller out only for her to reveal herself as their family friend Koma.

Koma was a police officer when the brothers were young who used to be strict with the neighborhood kids. She would play paper-rock-scissors with them with the condition that if one of the kids could beat her then she would leave them alone, but none of them ever could. Eventually she left to travel the world, taking on numerous jobs to support herself, but every four years would return to check on the brothers and challenge them to another game.

Al four members of the family attempt to beat her in a game, but ultimately fail. Isami (Blu) gets the closest based upon analysing his previous experiences to figure out her most likely moves, but is thrown when she closes her eyes to play. Afterwards she sits with the brothers while they all eat her favourite spicy sandwiches, and Katsumi (Rosso) reminisces over how she used to look out for them in particular after their mother disappeared. Having satisfied herself that the family are all fine, Koma says farewell and heads out for her next journey, only to be stopped by Makoto Aizen.

Mecha Gomora appears again. The brothers transform to face it only to discover that it isn’t moving, even if they attack first. They then hear Koma’s voice telepathically and realise that she’s inside the monster, which then activates and begins to fight back. The brothers are unable to damage it with their attacks but Koma does react to being shaken around inside. Mecha Gomora heads towards a pair of spherical gas storage containers, which will cause major damage to the city if ignited. Katsumi continues to attack but Isami becomes increasingly hesitant for fear of harming Koma.

Katsumi uses the Ultraman Tiga crystal to become Rosso Wind. Even in this new form Katsumi is unable to strike a significant blow against Mecha Gomora, but the way it tosses him around antagonises Isami, who uses the Ultra Seven crystal in his R/B Slugger to unleash a final attack that destroys the mechanical monster. Isami falls to his knees, believing that Koma has been killed by his attack, but Katsumi used his powers to catch and protect her as the mecha blew apart around her. The brothers later visit Koma in the hospital, where she reveals that she remembers noting of the experience but is thankful to the Ultramen for saving her.

Is Makoto Aizen trying to help our heroes develop or just using them for his own amusement? Will he continue to target the brothers’ nearest and dearest? Will Seven’s crystal only be used for a finishing move or can it also be used for form changes? The only way to find out is to keep watching, and if you’d like to talk about this season of Ultraman (or indeed any of the others) then please come and find us in our forum or over on our Facebook page!


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