Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where matching t-shirts are a necessity for a family picnic! Yes, it seems as though their villain has not been discouraged by his defeat and has kept the pressure up on our dual heroes. What better cure than a family outing, complete with colour-coded water guns! Meanwhile the aforementioned villain comes up with his most despicable way yet to rid himself of the heroes – he’s going to offer them lucrative jobs in his company!

What will finally make Makoto Aizen see the error of his ways? Will Asahi and Ushio figure out the secret identities of the Ultramen? Will the brothers pass the exam they are unwillingly tested by? As always, we’d love for you to stop by our Facebook page or our forum and let us know what you think of the show!

Ultraman R/B, Episode 10
“The Minatos’ Day Off”

The brothers are using their newly acquired powers to destroy yet another monster sent by Makoto Aizen (Orb Dark), who cannot help but express his disapproval when Isami (Blu) is visibly exhausted by the end of the fight. It’s clear that Aizen has not been discouraged by his previous defeat but rather sees it as an opportunity to raise from the ashes to further his ‘legend’. Back at the store, Katsumi (Rosso) is cleaning while Isami examines the Orb Ring Neo, which their sister Asahi mistakes for a facial massager. Their quarrel is interrupted by their father, who seems to be about to make a serious announcement before declaring that they will be going on a picnic together this weekend.

Isami is less thrilled about the picnic, and continues scanning for waves indicating the presence of a monster instead of engaging with his family. While Katsumi convinces him to relax and join in, their father admits to Asahi that he suspects the brothers will soon be leaving home and wanted one more fond memory of them all together, much like a similar event they had with their mother when the sibling were little.

After a fun day together the family stop to get some food on the way home. The stall is being manned by Aizen, to the shock of the brothers, who want nothing to do with him. Aizen offers them both lucrative jobs abroad, which their father is clearly overjoyed about but is equally clear to the brothers that Aizen is trying to get them out of his way. Aizen takes them aside and tells them that he is giving them a ‘final exam’ to prove whether they are worthy of being Ultramen, and unleashes a monster called Horoboros.

With the monster immediately starting to cause damage, Katsumi goes straight for a finishing move utilizing the Orb Ring Neo, but Horoboros manages to evade it before slamming Isami to the ground. Katsumi attempts to peel Horoboros off his brother and is also tossed aside. The brothers change into their wind and ground forms and try a new combination attack, but Horoboros simply shrugs it off before striking back with enough force to cancel Isami’s transformation.

Katsumi tries another beam attack but Horoboros deflects it into a skyscraper, which begins to fall towards the location where Asahi is standing with their father Ushio. Katsumi dives in and grabs the building to stop it toppling. to the amazement of the pair who seem to realise that the Ultraman was specifically trying to protect them. Horoboros attacks Katsumi again with enough force to cancel his transformation too.

The brothers are laid out on the ground barely conscious. Aizen approaches them and retrieves the Orb Ring Neo. He declares that the two have failed before heading out to prove his superiority by defeating the beast. After a long monologue building himself up, he transforms and stands ready to face off against Horoboros.


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