Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger‘s toy line continues, after a rather long break, with 2 new mecha: the DX Magic Dial Fighter and DX Trigger Machine Splash. Now, even though these new toys are inherently different, for the first time, they both belong to the same team – the Lupinrangers.

First up, we have the DX Magic Dial Fighter, a rare blimp-themed mecha. Visually, this thing is awesome. It feels very different from the usual mecha we get. Turning the dial opens the front, revealing a big, spring-loaded orb inside that can punch enemies. On the DX VS Changer, you get your standard attack sounds and summoning sounds. Ultimately very fun, but not the most exciting thing this toy can do. For the first time in the LvP series, we have a new mecha that changes the center piece of LupinKaiser/PatKaiser  and visually makes it feel like a new robot. LupinKaiser Magic is super cool looking and, for the first time, a Dial Fighter not only replaces an arm but also the face of LupinKaiser. The new arm is, admittedly, a bit silly, but all these arm-swaps are lackluster at best. The highlight here is the new head piece and, as far as I’m concerned, this mecha has never looked better.


While the DX Magic Dial fighter is 100% original, the DX Trigger Machine Splash is actually a retool of the DX Crane we saw a few months ago. Now, if you recall, that was my favorite VS vehicle, so I’m fine with the retool. As you would expect, the trigger pull opens up the spring-loaded ladder and adding the toy to the DX VS Changer gives you attack sounds and summoning sounds. Now, the biggest difference here from its predecessor is the Drill being replaced with a fire extinguisher. This piece will serve as the new head and chest for LupinKaiser, but here it doesn’t do anything. Speaking of LupinKaiser, this toy combines with the Magic Dial Fighter to make LupinKaiser Splash Magic. Like before, the Magic Dial Fighter remains as an arm and the Splash Trigger Machine becomes the other one, similarly to the Crane. However, one again we have a new head piece that really helps make this toy feel special. The previously mentioned fire extinguisher piece unfolds making a head and chest piece and giving this form a unique look. In all honesty, this thing is an ugly arm but both of these VS Vehicles have a lot of appeal since they give the mecha a new appearance.

So, for that reason, I definitely recommend the DX Magic Dial Fighter and DX Trigger Machine Splash for anyone who has Good Striker. They add a lot of fun and playability to LupinKaiser and they’re definitely worth the money for LvP fans.


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