One last battle remains to decide the fate of a post-apocalyptic Earth in Godzilla: Planet Eater, the third and final film in this 3D animated giant monster trilogy.

From Toho Animation and Polygon Pictures, the series plays out as a three-act storyline for the King of Monsters, which finally reaches its conclusion this year, featuring one of Godzilla’s most famous foes, the golden dragon King Ghidorah. There’s no shortage of kings among the kaiju, are there?

This time, King Ghidorah’s looking a bit different, as the anime tale brings us a new vision of the beast whose divergent sights are about to be set against his enormous, reptilian co-star. If nothing else, you can’t fault this series for lack of ideas. They’ve got more imagination packed into this thing than several live-action films combined. I suppose that’s what happens when you take advantage of the animation medium, where budget is limited only by one’s own creativity. As for the enjoyability of the final product? We leave that to you, fair readers.

Godzilla: Planet Eater hits Japanese theaters November 9, 2018 while international viewers can check it out on the Netflix streaming platform in the not-too-distant future.


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