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Technically this is still a Kamen Rider Fourze story, but this week is all about the Kamen Rider Faiz guys. It seems the changes to the timeline have made them buddies now, but it wouldn’t be those two characters if they weren’t at each other’s throats anyway. In a brief dive into some deeper trivia, it turns out that the ‘shooting star’ mention was a Faiz reference all along rather than a simple name-check for the Fourze character, Kamen Rider Meteor.

Do the giant shoulder phones on the Faiz armour get good reception? Did you enjoy the blending of two different legend Riders into a single story? Could Takumi and Masato return later in the series? Please do share your thoughts with us in our forum or over on our Facebook page.

Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 06
“555 913 2003

Another Faiz transforms back into Another Fourze and fires back against Sougo (Zi-O) and Geiz. Geiz summons the Ghost armour and sends the Parka Ghosts in to force the Another Rider to retreat. As Takumi (Faiz) and Masato (Kaixa) continue to fight, Karin flees the abandoned building. Tsukuyomi follows her but loses her outside. Realising that she has gone, Kusaka also leaves, while Inui returns with the others.

After completing their introductions and getting everyone up to speed, Sougo and Takumi return to Amanogawa High School to guard Karin, while Tsukuyomi and Geiz research further disappearances dating back to before 2011. Geiz notices that several of the old photographs have caught Karin in the background; She still looks the same even in photographs that were taken when she should have been a toddler.

On a school rooftop, Karin insists the two Riders stop following her and walks away. As they leave the follow her, they bump into Osugi, who informs them of a student celebrating her 18th birthday today, making her an 18 year old libra. Meanwhile Tsukuyomi discovers a news report covering Karin’s death in 2003 which further states that her body disappeared the next day. While listening to Junichiro talk about repairing old electronics with modern parts, Geiz realises that Another Fourze has been protecting Karin, and she in turn has also been trying to protect him.

Another Fourze attacks the student celebrating her birthday. He is interrupted by Karin, who allows the girl to flee. She tries to get him to listen, but is interrupted by Masato, who starts fighting Another Fourze. With no powers due to the changes to the timeline, Masato is easily beaten but is rescued by Takumi. The other Riders arrive and Takumi pulls the Faiz Ride Watch out his pocket. He gives it to Sougo, who passes it to Geiz, who then heads back to 2003.

In 2003 we discover that Karin is making plans with Sakuma. After they part ways she is run over by a car, and Sakuma blames himself for not being there. He is then approached by Hora, who turns him into Another Faiz in order that he can restore Karin to life. He begins attacking young women to steal their life energy when Geiz arrives and informs Hora that Schwarz would later also give him Fourze’s Another Rider power.

Masato reveals that he felt he had to look out for both Karin and Sakuma due to them being orphans that attended the Ryusei Private School, which he also attended. Sougo realises that this was the “shooting star” that Woz had referred to, not Kamen Rider Meteor. He observes that everyone present is sacrificing themselves for their friends.

The Rider find themselves battling Sakuma at two different point in time; Geiz in 2003 with the Faiz armour and Sougo in 2018 with the Fourze armour. After being defeated twice, Sakuma returns to normal and says a final goodbye to Karin before she finally fades away. Masato and Takumi make their leave, as Sougo can’t help but compare their fractious relationship to that of his own with Geiz.

Back at home, Tsukuyomi reminds him that he still needs to give blank Ride Watches with both Takumi and Gentaro (Fourze) in order to receive the completed ones. Elsewhere, a portal appears to allow a certain magical individual to pick up a free snack.


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