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The latest collectible toy for the Kamen Rider Zi-O series is the DX Fourze Ride Watch. As far as Ride Watches go, it’s right in line with the rest. Multiple sound effects based on button presses, a henshin jingle and a finisher sound. Overall, if you are like me and absolutely love this gimmick line, this is another fantastic entry.

The RKF (Rider Kicks Figure) line isn’t slowing down either with 2 new releases at once: the Ghost Armor and the Ex-Aid Armor. Ex-Aid has by far the coolest armor as well as this gimmick still standing strong as one of the better gimmick lines we’ve seen. Ghost has some added perks as well. Not only is it just as good as the other 2 armor sets but this one comes with some bonus accessories for both Kamen Rider Zi-O and Kamen Rider Geiz. For Zi-O, we have the Zikan Girade in gun mode, and for Geiz the Zikan Zaxe in bow mode. That makes this set in particular more desirable, even among those who aren’t a fan of the gimmick itself. At the end of the day, both sets are very solid.


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