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This double episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O is dedicated to Kamen Rider Wizard. It’s also the first time we get to see a returning secondary Rider not accompanied by the Rider being paid tribute to. As this is Zi-O, it’s perhaps appropriate that they do this with a Rider themed after the king of the jungle, Nitou Kosuke a.k.a. Kamen Rider Beast. Nitou doesn’t get ensnared too deeply into the plot but it’s very nice to see him and they manage to pack in a whole bunch of his quirks and one more transformation.

Did you enjoy seeing all three Time Jackers acting together on one plan? What do you think happened between Woz and Geiz in their past? Which other secondary Riders would you like to see return? Let us know your answers and talk further about the show with us in our forum or over on our Facebook page.

Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 07
“Magic Showtime 2018

It’s 2012 and Uhr enters a failing theatre to find his latest target, a lighting technician. He makes a contract with the man to empower him to save his workplace. In 2018, Junichiro is telling his nephew Sougo (Zi-O), Geiz, and Tsukuyomi about an up-and-coming magician called ‘Wizard Hayase’. Sougo decides to see his magic show. the others are less sure but Sougo points out that they’ll have to come with him if they intend to keep an eye on him.

At the show Sougo is approached by Woz, who is concerned he is getting too close to his housemates given that they seek to prevent Sougo becoming Oma Zi-O. Sougo brushes his concerns aside and goes to watch the show. Hayase turns out to be the lighting technician from 2012, and his magical abilities immediately rouses the suspicions of the trio.

After the show, Hayase is congratulated by his manager. He claims he just wants to keep the theatre going and mumbles that he also wants to make her happy. When she asks him what he said he gets embarrassed and leaves for the day. Outside he meets the Riders. Geiz transforms and attacks the magician, who transforms into Another Wizard. Instead of fighting back, Another Wizard tries to evade and escape the Rider. Sougo transforms and interferes to stop Geiz.

Sougo argues that Hayase hasn’t done anything wrong, but Geiz continues to pursue him while Sougo investigates. Geiz goes to the roof of a nearby building in an attempt to spot his target, where he finds himself frozen in time by Swartz, who then pushes him over the edge before restarting time to let him fall. He is saved by Woz, and it’s clear from their subsequent conversation that they are well-acquainted with each other even though they fight on opposing sides.

Hayase goes home, where he is surprised to discover Hora waiting for him. She urges him not to worry about the Riders and comments that he needs “a deeper wound” to unlock his true power. Another employee from the theatre, Nagayama, knocks on his door. He explains that he has proposed to the manager, Kaori, and they will close the theatre. Hayase’s anger swells and he attacks his colleague. He is spotted by Geiz, who confronts him, but also realises that he is being watched by someone in possession of two Ride Watches.

Kaori has been explaining to Sougo and Tsukuyomi that Hayase’s act has kept the theatre going for six years, but she intends to close it anyway. As they leave Woz informs them that Geiz is fighting Another Wizard. they meet him in a warehouse where Geiz has just forced Another Wizard to change back to Hayase. As Zi-O stops Geiz from hurting Hayase further, Hora appears and freezes time. She restarts Another Wizard’s Ride Watch and he transforms again. As she restarts time, Tsukuyomi attempts to stop Another Wizard from escaping, only for him to use his magic to send her to sleep.

Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 08
“Beauty & Beast 2012

The two Riders are unable to rouse Tsukuyomi, and so take her home. The pair argue and Geiz leaves to find the person who was previously watching him, unaware that the individual is still keeping tabs on him. Sougo visits Nagayama in the hospital to discover why Hayase attacked him. He also encounters Woz and tells him to quit interfering.

Geiz spots a tent with a familiar backpack outside. As he approaches he encounters Nitou Kosuke, the former Kamen Rider Beast. As with other past Riders, Nitou has no memory of how he obtained the Ride Watches or why he has them, and refuses to hand them over until he has answers.

Hayase tries to attack Kaori but is stopped by Sougo. Sougo goes home to discover Geiz is already back. When Geiz explains that Nitou has no memories of receiving the Watches, Sougo summons Woz to explain. Woz tells them that the creation of an Another Rider changes history, leaving the original Rider with no powers of memories of their adventures. Defeating the Another Rider will restore their memories, but only temporarily. With this new knowledge, Sougo forms a plan.

Hayase attempts to attack Kaori again while she visits her fiancé in hospital. However, Sougo had hidden in Nagayama’s bed and attacks him, quickly defeating Another Wizard. At that moments time changes and Nitou regains his memories. Geiz has returned to his camp site and asks if he has his answers. Nitou responds by transforming into Beast and attacking Geiz. After a brief fight Nitou cancels his transformation, explaining that he had to discover whether Geiz was worthy. He then hands over the Wizard Ride Watch, but insists on keeping his own Watch.

Geiz travels back to 2012 to battle Another Wizard just after Hayase gained the powers. Meanwhile, Sougo continues fighting Hayase in 2018 and tries to explain that he has become so consumed by his own feelings that he’s even attacking the woman he loves. The Riders defeat Another Wizard at both points in time. Sougo then borrows Woz’s Faizphone X to contact Geiz in the past. They both pass their phones to Hayase so that the present version can convince his past self to explain how he feels to Kaori instead of resorting to the power of Another Wizard.


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