Recording artist and tokusatsu fan Ricardo Cruz is back again, with another offering of musical splendor for fellow devotees of all things loud and explodey. This time, he jumps from one end of the global entertainment pond to the other. Instead of tackling hits from Japanese action titles like Kamen Rider and Space Sheriff, he’s teleporting into the midst of the Teenagers With Attitude themselves: the original high school heroes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Taking his their cue from the seminal opening theme track by Ron Wasserman, Cruz and his team are offering their own take on the iconic song that kicked off a new era in kids live-action entertainment for many viewers in the western world. Check it out.

They don’t make themes like they used to. Not that I want to hear the phrase “go go power rangers” in every opening, but hearing another rendition of this classic only further spotlights how tiresome some of the more recent seasons of the Power Rangers franchise have become with their use of music. We don’t need constant references to the stuff that’s already been done, but the current philosophy behind the soundtrack could use a shot in the arm. Or twelve. There’s quite a few things the current product could work on, and I guess we can just add this to the growing list.

Your move, Hasbro.


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