HurricaneYellow isn’t out of the monster-fighting biz just yet. Actor Yamamoto Kohei, known to many Super Sentai fanatics as super-ninja Bito Kota on Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger, is hard at work on a new project for Toei Company. The developing TV series will feature a new hero not affiliated with the likes of Toei’s usual suspects from the long-running Kamen Rider and Super Sentai franchises.

Kaiju Ward Gallas, as the name implies, is a kaiju show, with giant monsters as a centerpiece. Not a first for Toei, but after years of focusing heavily on their Big Two, this comes as somewhat of a surprise. Kaiju action is more Tsuburaya Productions’ thing. With their ongoing Ultraman franchise, they’ve defined the look and feel of giant monster action on the small screen for decades now. Elsewhere in pop culture, the famous kaiju king Godzilla is enjoying a new resurgence with films both domestic and international, from the live-action and animated mediums alike. In this new project, Toei has an opportunity to bring their own fresh take to the tried and true concept in series form, while also introducing viewers to a new hero.

It’s part of Yamamoto’s mission statement for the show. To usher in a hero that stands alone among all the bug-eyed, multi-colored super warriors fighting for justice across Japanese media of late. He offers his services as a producer, along with a crew of other creatives from Toei’s stable of experienced minds.

The following teaser is about as teasery as you can get, with basically nothing to show us yet but the official announcement of intent. A new series with some hopefully cool stuff to add to the tokusatsu genre which could use some refreshment. Let’s hope they deliver.

Kaiju Ward Gallas is set to premiere in Spring of 2019.


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