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Whether you are new to the industry or have been an avid comic book reader for years, there are many ways to share your passion and take your love of comics further than reading alone. If you’re unsure where to start and need some pointers to spur you on, read on to discover some of the easiest and most accessible ways you can expand your knowledge and involvement of your favorite comic or comic book character.

Attend Comic-Con

Comic-Con is an annual international comic convention, whose purpose is to bring those who have a passion for the world of comics together. The event helps create awareness of, and appreciation for comics, with exhibits, stalls of local artists, unreleased games, merchandise, food, and talks. There are often cosplay competitions and talks by celebrities. Game releases and details of upcoming films are often shared at Comic-Con, with a panel of stars from the latest blockbuster in attendance to answer questions and share details of upcoming releases.

Create your own spinoff videos

Spinoff parody videos can gain a strong following when done right and aimed at the right audience. Your imagination is your playground, and with Youtube providing the perfect platform to share and upload relevant or parody videos that could be viewed and shared by enthused audiences. Parody videos are popular, as this Spiderman vs. Venom parody video proves, which has amassed over 12 million views.

Buy Merchandise

Merchandise can come in the form of:
Cosplay costumes
Hats and Headwear
Water bottle

Merchandise isn’t only available at Comic-Con, and you can find merchandise of all forms depicting your favorite films, characters, and franchises easily. You can collect figurines, for example. While occasionally collecting pursuits are for game use, occasionally, they are purely for display. Toy Titanz offer collectible figures and Spiderman merchandise for lovers of the Marvel universe and beyond.

Play games

Another way to take your love for comics one step further is to make the universe more of a reality with gameplay. This can be in the form of computer games or with a gaming console, such as a Playstation or Xbox. Both consoles have their strengths, and, for example, lovers of Spiderman can get involved with the many video games available, such as:
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Amazing Spider-Man
Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps

Attend comic socials

You can easily find local meetups in your area with fellow enthusiasts who share a love of the comic book universe. Find local groups online and attend an event near you; finding people who share the same passion could go on to form some fantastic friendships! Put your knowledge and gameplay skills to the test.

Have a movie / comic blog

Various comic book characters now have their own movie franchise. Whether you are a fan of the Marvel Universe, responsible for blockbusters such as The Avengers, or prefer the likes of the DC Universe, responsible for Suicide Squad and The Dark Knight Trilogy, lose yourself in hours of footage portraying your favorite comic book characters. Who knows, this could inspire you to go on to have a film blog or comic book blog where you share your experiences.
Your love for comics needn’t stop when you’ve turned the last page. In a digital age with advanced gameplay, streaming platforms, film franchises, and more, it has never been easier to take your love of comics one step further.