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Earlier this month, Hasbro announced that the Power Rangers Lightning Collection will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of “The Wedding.” For those unaware, “The Wedding” is a 3-part episode arc in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers season 2! In this multi-part event, Rita Repulsa returns and places a love spell on Lord Zedd, who immediately marries her. This unholy union lead to them becoming a major issue for the Power Rangers, until the Machine Empire arrived…


Now, Hasbro intends to celebrate “The Wedding” through 6-inch Lightning Collection figures; these figures are obviously being based on Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. First, the Lord Zedd is a re-issue of the original Wave 1 release, but features new paint applications. Whereas, Rita Repulsa is an all-new character within the line, which will also be the figure to incorporate cloth attire. In addition, the entire set will feature wedding accessories like the cake, and bouquet. Nevertheless, we have the official reveal trailer, image gallery and description for this set below:


It’s Morphin Time! Introducing a new era of POWER RANGERS collectibles with Hasbro’s POWER RANGERS LIGHTNING COLLECTION 6” Figures! The LIGHTNING COLLECTION features over two decades of iconic characters from this storied franchise, and Hasbro is excited to bring its own take to this premium line. The LIGHTNING COLLECTION’s highly-articulated, 6-inch figures will have best-in-class detailing and design, and will feature Photo Real technology for realistic actor likenesses. The horror of your presence is absolutely required! The wedding of LORD ZEDD, Master of Evil, to RITA REPULSA was the event of 1995, featuring Putties dancing, an inconsolable GOLDAR (seriously, why was he so sad?), and the merging of the two most evil villains the Power Rangers had faced! To unite their evil families and celebrate their… love?… LORD ZEDD and RITA REPULSA tie the knot in a monstrous ceremony attended by only the worst guests possible: their minions. Celebrating 25 years of the best worst couple in POWER RANGERS, the figures in this LORD ZEDD AND RITA REPULSA 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY 2-PACK feature special silver-themed deco on Rita’s dress and Lord Zedd’s chest plate. This 2-pack of action figure toys includes multiple accessories inspired by RITA, ZEDD, and the iconic scenes from MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS season 2, “The Wedding.” Look for more collectible figures in the LIGHTNING COLLECTION. Each sold separately. Available for pre-order only at on and at most major toy retailers nationwide starting February 12TH, 2020. Available in Canada for pre-order at EB Games.

Like the official description says pre-orders are now open at GameStop and EB Games, as store exclusives! The set retails for $49.99 and orders are scheduled to ship in August. Pre-order now as to not miss out on this awesome set!