HJU Radio #41 – The Power Morphicon Wrap Up!


Hey, HJU Radio listeners! What’s crackin’? I assembled some of the best homies a geek could meet at the PMC this year and we sat down to talk about our experiences in Pasedena, CA as we walked among like minded fans and drank beers with Power Rangers. Click it on up and enjoy!
Our Rag Tag Team is as Follows:
Blade Dancer and angelicnoir of the Girls in Trouble Podcast
Battle Hero Jay Huerto of Jabronie Pictures
Ivory Moore and Dustin Beadle of Rajio Nihon
Special Thanks to LaZerwolfX for hooking us up with the graphics on this episode.
Special thanks to FuuNoKami Oka aka Jonathan Howe (also at Fuu’s Toku Videos on blip.tv)who stepped up to make this episode possible in record time. Without him, there would be no show.

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