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We got the band back together to sit down and review the latest Super Sentai Team-Up. The Gokaigers have returned from outer space and… have gone rogue! The only ones who stand in their way is the Special Ops Taskforce, but do they have what it takes to take on the previous season veterans? Or is there more to the Dark Gokaigers than meets the eye?
We also have our latest attempt at pulling together a good podcasting format. The show kicks off with Tokusatsu News, goes in to the review and we close it out with what we’ve been geeking on. Download, drop in and enjoy.
As always… thanks for listening. 🙂
The BusterKaigers:
Keith Justice
Michael Nixon
Craig “The ScreamMan” Moore
Dustin Beadle
Special thanks to Dustin Beadle who did the graphics for this episode.
Special thanks to forum member
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