HJU Radio #31 – Ultraman Zero the Revenge of Belial


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HJU Radio is here for the holidays. The team sits down to soak in the holiday cheer and talk about giant men flying through space kicking the shit out of the baddest monsters in the universe. Ultraman Zero makes his heroic return and we weigh in on his latest battle.

Of course no episode of HJU Radio would be complete would be complete without some massive amounts of geekery. Here’s the score card:

HJU Tokusatsu of the Month: Original Kamen Rider
S.I.C. Kamen Rider 1
S.I.C Kiwami Tamashii Discussion
High Grade Gashapon Heroes Toys
Module On Series
Glyos / OMFG Figures
SDCC 2011 Transformers Prime: Optimus Prime
Deus Ex
Saints Row the Third (Vangelus is in it.)
S.H. Figuarts: GokaiBlue, Kuuga, Greeds
Kamen Rider x Sentai Movie Discussion
Gobuster Talk
Gokaiger Talk
Mega Bloks
Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Drizzt Do’Urden Books

Click on, enjoy, thank you for listening…. and we’ll see you with more HJU Radio in 2012. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!

Our ragtag group is as follows:
The Famous IGADEVIL! Special thanks to him for this episode’s graphic and the kickass graphic you’ll see on your mp3 player while you play this episode.

WTF @ TFW’s Vangelus who has a MOST rockin’ YouTube Channel

Special thanks to FuuNoKami Oka aka Jonathan Howe who stepped up to make this episode possible in record time. Without him, there would be no show.

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