Go Green To Join Gokaiger Finale Cast

Atsushi Harada, aka Go Green from Rescue Sentai GoGoFive, announced on his twitter that he will be appearing on Gokaigers finale episode. Making him the now eighth past hero to appear after other confirmations.

Translated from his tweet:

    Atsushi Harada, will appear in the last Gokaiger episode. If you want to know more about it, please watch the episode! I can only say one thing; human life is the future of the Earth. The burning soul of rescuing! Rescue Sentai Gogofive appears!

It makes you wonder if anymore past Rangers are going to announce their reappearances in the near future…

  • knightphoenix2


  • Aldrato

    this is going to be an epic finale.

  • Guest

    So awesome!

  • H_v_bathory

    This season of Sentai was awesome. I’m glad we had something to distract from Samurai. Please, Toei: take your license back from Saban and any other they took. I hope Go-Busters can do the same as what Gokaiger did: provide awesome J-TV.