PR DVD Deal Does NOT Include Samurai or MMPR2010

On Monday we reported Shout! Factory’s acquisition deal with Saban for the rights of over 700+ episodes of Power Rangers, as well as other related shows, to be released on DVD. However, now we know more.

The deal for the mountain of shows is limited to the 1993-2009 run of the show, which excludes the very negative received 2010 re-edited version of the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and also currently airing Samurai/Super Samurai seasons, the license of the DVDs of these are unknown at this time. The rights also only extend to North America region, America and Canada, and Masked Rider was not included even though Saban does still own the rights to the show.

  • Andrea Marbry

    Drat, no Power Rangers Samurai?! Well, maybe that’ll come out once the series is finished. And, just for the sake of having complete collections, I do think that the 2010 Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger series should be offered. And, we should get re-issues of the movies as well. As well as Maked Rider, especially since Saba is getting ready to give Kamen Rider the Power Rangers treatment ….

  • chris

    Saban giving KR the PR treatment? Again?