The Evil Gokaigers Return To Earth To Fight The Go-Busters

It’s of no surprise to see the Gokaiger’s return for their crossover movie with the Go-Busters, but their duo appearance in disappointing Superhero War Movie which has just been released on DVD/Blu-ray. Now this latest scan confirms that Go-Busters Vs. Gokaiger is definitely on the way next year.

The main title asks why the Gokaigers have returned to Earth only to attack the Go-Busters and what will the Go-Busters do? Once again the Go-Busters will interfere with Gokaigers business.

The main five Gokaigers, minus Gokai Silver, pictured above, are shown in new darker clothing with the caption asking “Have the Gokaigers become evil pirates?. The newly evil Gokaigers’ Gokai Galleon has had a black paint job and flying the Zangyack flag. The article lists the movie is set for theatres on the 19th January next year.

First impression is giving me flashbacks to Superhero War Movie of Gokai Red leading the Zangyack forces; and looks like they may be rehashing a similar plot line. The previous team always clashes swords with the current, whether it’s general misunderstanding or villains masquerading as them, but they’ve already used the evil Gokaiger concept. Perhaps this time it will be good?


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