SDCC Exclusive Legacy Power Morpher White Ranger and Green Ranger Edition Revealed!


It’s Morphin Time again, with another Power Rangers exclusive announced for this year’s SDCC: and it’s a special edition gold Legacy Power Morpher, which will include the Green Ranger and White Ranger Power Coins!

Here’s the bad news: Bandai has announced that only 1000 pieces will be made available, which will be spread out throughout the con.

  • Ward Nightstone

    but the white rangers morpher was silver

  • Chris Reynolds

    Man just 1000 that’s just an insult ban dai don’t u want to make money please make more

  • kaido pinoy 701

    Well this may get expensivr if they don’t make more… Here comes 200+ range

  • Herman the German
  • Guy Who Wants this morpher

    I’ve already e-mailed Bandai and am getting ready to write a loooong letter to beg them to release more of these just like they did with the regular Legacy Morpher. Any body who’s with me, just keep e-mailing and sending letters, they do it eventually just to shut us super fans up.

  • Jimmy Khuu

    Agreed. I’ll be doing the same thing, and I hope the other fans that want this will follow too.

  • hans

    Post the info to send letters and I’ll get a ton of folks to join in!

  • hans

    Post the info to send letters and I’ll get a ton of folks to join in!

  • Guy Who Wants this Morpher

    Bandai America Incorporated
    5551 Katella Avenue
    Cypress, CA 90630
    Or you can e-mail them right on the Bandai website. Let’s do it!!

  • Guy hard buy original morpher

    Email to Bandai America they also reply say they are not release this anymore some shit like that.