Kamen Rider Wizard – Enemies Appear!

Thanks to alternate-zer0 in the forums, we finally have some pictures of the monsters from Wizard – namely the people that transform into the monsters. Above are two monsters of the week, after the jump are the leaders of the enemies.

In Kamen Rider Wizard, our hero fights demons known as Phantoms, creatures that were brought into our world through a strange ceremony that also lead to the creation of Wizard itself.  Within the series, there are three levels of enemies, Phantoms are the strongest and have human forms, Apparitions are the monsters of the week, and the Ghouls are the grunt monsters that attack the hero in hordes.


Medusa is the female leader of the Phantoms in Kamen Rider Wizard. Going by the name of Misa when in human form, she has the ability to see into human hearts and recognize who might serve as a source of energy for the Apparitions.


Above is Phoenix, going by the name Yuugo when under his human guise. Phoenix is the leader of the Phantoms, being the strongest of the bunch and having the ability to regenerate after being hurt in battle.

I’m loving the designs on these two, Phoenix more so than Medusa. His suit actually looks very sleek and hero-like, not like something you would see in a Toei production. I’m actually reminded of one of the heroes from TOHO’s Justiriser series. Hopefully, these guys will be a little more active from the get-go than the Horoscopes in Fourze were.

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