Figureoh No.180: S.H.Figuarts Walz Gils, Phoenix Phantom, Kamen Rider Cyclone and more announced!


Here’s a look at what Bandai has in store for us this summer, in the latest round of Figureoh Magazine Scans! 


We have a list of figures that will be sold as Web Exclusives in the near future, these figures will be releasing in June. The Toku S.H.Figuarts releases for that month includes: 

Walz Gill(4410 yen) from Gokaiger, Phoenix Phantom(3675 yen) from Kamen Rider Wizard, Kamen Rider Cyclone (3675 yen) whom appeared in the W novel and Climax Heroes, Den-O Axe Form(3675 yen), and Sagitarius Zodiarts (3675 yen)from Fourze.

S.H.Monster Arts Destroyah Evolution Set will also be released in June, for 8400 yen.

The non web exclusive Toku releases includes: Freiza from Dragon Ball Z Kai, Figuarts Zero Film Z Robin, and Brook Zoro from One Piece.



In addition to the Web Exclusive releases, in June we’ll also be seeing the release of D-Arts Bass and Treble along side the long awaited Metalgarurumon from Digimon Adventures.

Come May, we’ll be seeing the seeing the release of Ultra Act Ultra Father, as well as Iron Man Mk.6, and War Machine. Iron Man will retail for 4725 yen, while War Machine will be sold at a slightly higher price point: at 5250 yen. The scans show that Ultra Father will include a mantle, as well as his Ultra Dumbbell.





The scans also shows an image of an S.H.Figuarts Machine Winger, the bike of Kamen Rider Wizard will be getting a future release. However, no other details such as price, release date, and whether or not this will be a web exclusive item or mass retail release are known at the time.



Speaking of Kamen Rider Wizard, Medicom has announced that a Project BM Wizard Flame Style figure is in the works! 

The Figureoh scan gives us a clear look at some of this figure’s accessories, which includes the Wizswordgun in both Gun and Sword modes, and a magic circle effect part. The figure will retail for 21000 yen, and will see a release sometime in September.


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