Super Best OOO Driver And Medal Sets to Be Released this August


As a follow up to last year’s Super Best Decade and W Driver, an re-release of the OOO Driver has been announced, containing more medals then the previous release of the toy.

As with the Super Best Decade and W Drivers, the OOO driver will contain the first 9 Core Medals that makes up GataKiriBa, LaToraTa, and Tajador combos retailing for 7500 yen.

An additional set containing SaGoZho, ShaUtau, and PutoTyra combos will be sold separately for 2500 yen. Both this and the Driver are due out in August.

  • Frank Bromley

    wonder if it will have the previously not programed in combos in it

  • An Angry Greeed

    Well, I bought my ooo driver last summer. My last ooo medal set came in today. Ironic. Either way, ONORE BANDAI!!!!

  • Froog

    Apart from the Tamashii form, I don’t think I know of any combo songs that weren’t featured in the existing product. I wouldn’t mind having an all-new combo song for the black Movie War Core medals, though.

  • Herman the German

    Well, there’s Super TaToBa that I don’t think had ever been featured in the “old” driver. B:

  • An Angry Greeed

    What if Bandai releases the cracked ankh medal? I woulda liked to see an Ankh TajaDor sorta like the finale…

  • Man who Walks on Heaven’s Path

    I’m still waiting on the Pre-Heisei rider super best re-releases of Kuuga, Faiz, and Kabuto… (ï½°ï½°;) or any pre-decade rider with a super best release…

  • Jacob Smith

    I hope they fix the sound pitch problem is fixed in this one, as I heard that all Super Best belts are just re-releases of the older belts with more right out of the box.